Abdominoplasty Toronto ( Tummy Tuck Toronto)

Abdominoplasty Toronto is a procedure that removes extra skin from the abdomen, reshapes the abdomen, repositions the belly button, and tightens the abdominal muscles. An ideal candidate would be a person who has a lot of extra skin on the abdomen which can be held and squeezed with your fingers.
The surgery will then involve removing all the skin that can be pinched in this way. The remaining skin on the upper abdomen is then lifted up and pulled down to close the space left open by the skin which has been cut out. The belly button is left attached to the deeper abdominal wall. The upper abdominal skin is the pulled over the top of the belly button. An opening is then made in this skin and the underlying belly button is pulled up to the surface (and thus the belly button has been repositioned to a more anatomically correct position). The procedure is simple but extensive and is performed in Toronto at the Humber River Regional Hospital or The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga, both fully accredited surgical facilities. More information about

Butt Augmentation Toronto ( Brazilian Butt Lift )

Butt Augmentation is a procedure to enlarge and reshape the butt and the posterior body curve. This can be achieve by the use of Butt Implants or the use of your own fat. Using your own fat is also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. In a Brazilian Butt Lift there is no actual lifting involved, it is a but enlargement procedure, but the way it is done it creates the impression of a lift. The great benefit of a Brazilian Butt Lift for Buttock Augmentation is that it is 100% natural. Another great benefit of this procedure is that fat is liposuctioned from other areas of the body where there is excess deposit, thus creating a two for one deal. Not only is your butt larger, but your stomach, love handles, thighs, or another region where the fat is taken from becomes smaller and more beautiful looking. In fact, reshaping the midsection, not just the butt, is a great advantage of this procedure over butt implants. Brazilian Butt Lift is the preferred technique for Buttock Enlargement but the predominant majority of experts in this field. Dr. Jugenburg is one of the most experienced Plastic Surgeons in Toronto offering Buttock Augmentation using your own fat. Please visit www.plastica.ca for more information and before and after pictures (http://www.plastica.ca/cosmetic-surgery/body-contouring/buttock-augmentation-enlargement/)

Butt Lift Toronto

Toronto Buttock lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift sagging buttock skin which is found after significant weight loss or with aging. Butt Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift are two different procedures. A Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto is actually a Butt Enlargement achieved by fat grafting (as opposed to implants). Buttock Lift can be done in one of two ways. One places the skin cut on top of the buttock and has the effect of ‘pulling up the pants’. The other approach places the cut in the buttock crease and directly repositions the sagging lower skin. The choice of which approach is appropriate depends on the existing skin and your goals.

Circumferential Body Lift in Toronto

Lower Body (Toronto Abdominoplasty) Body Lift is a surgical procedure that combines a tummy tuck, a buttock lift, and an outer thigh lift to address a circumferential skin excess. This is the procedure of choice for many patients who have lost more than 100 pounds. Although most surgeons perform only a tummy tuck, a circumferential lift is often more appropriate to address the real problem. It is an exhausting and long procedure, however at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Jugenburg and Dr. Lista work together to cut the surgical time 3 hours. The benefit to a patient is reduced risk of surgical complications, such as potential complications related to prolonged anesthesia, infection, and bleeding complications. Risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis is also significantly reduced. More information about Toronto Body Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift Toronto

Thigh Lift Toronto can refer to an Outer Thigh Lift, or an Inner Thigh Lift. Inner thigh lift is often performed on its own, and is designed to address the loose skin on the inner thighs. Outer Thigh Lift, on the other hand, is often combined with a Buttock Lift and is not performed as an isolated procedure. Inner Thigh Lift involves lifting the inner thigh skin, and often also involves tightening of the circumferential skin laxity. The first part results in a scar placed in the thigh crease, while adding the second part ads a vertical scar along the inner aspect of the thigh.

Arm Lift Toronto

Arm Lift Toronto procedure is actually an arm tightening procedure. The loose skin that hangs down (some refer to it as ‘bat wings’) is removed. Whatever you can pinch between your fingers the the amount that can be safely removed. The procedure is designed so that the final scar lies on the inside of the arm to keep it hidden from sight. A Toronto arm lift procedure is very common in patient who lost a lot of weight and it is often the ideal procedure for overweight patients. Overweight patient often present requesting liposuction, without realizing that liposuction alone would remove the fat but leave behind the hanging arm skin which can be addressed only by an arm lift.

Breast Lift Toronto ( Mastopexy )

Breast lift Toronto alone or in combination with an implant helps to restore a more youthful and more natural looking breast in patients who have deflated breasts following breastfeeding or large weight loss. Toronto Breast lift can be done through various approaches, depending on the amount of lifting that needs to be done. For a minimal breast lift, the scars can be limited to the areola. However, if a breast lift of more than 2-3 cm is needed, a ‘lollipop’ scar is left behind. A circular scar around the areola and a vertical scar. These breast lift scars usually heal very well and fade away (but no scar ever goes away completely). Despite the presence of scars, breast lift is a very effective procedure and patients are very satisfied with the results of a breast lift ( mastopexy )

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